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To get the most benefit from the following workshop, those attending should have previous roof framing experience.

Building a French (Capucine/Guitarde) dormer

October 16 – 20  
Dormer framing

The confidence and ability to integrate circular and compound curved timbers into your projects opens new worlds of design possibilities. This class will focus on each student learning to draw, lay out, and cut a model capucine, a beautiful and distinctly French structure typically used for supporting an overhanging dormer roof or a balcony. We will learn developed drawing techniques from the French Art du Trait tradition. Using fundamental geometric principles, we will draft all the details for our models on a single sheet of paper. No math, calculators, or computers (and surprisingly few measured dimensions) are needed to complete the work.

capucine dormerStudents will have the opportunity to add a variety of components to the basic model. The drafting and layout of more complex structures, including the guitarde, will also be discussed and demonstrated.

Instructor Adam Miller's article Pursuing the Guitarde was recently published in Timber Framing, the quarterly journal of the Timber Framers Guild. He currently works for the Wooden House Company in Vermont and is a Heartwood alumnus.


Tuition: $800 per person, $1500 per couple; includes lunch.

This course is limited to 8 participants.

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