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Timber Frames

You can own a Heartwood Timber Frame
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Timber frame
10'x16' Garden shed
Basket shop interior
Scribed frame interior
Timber frame cabin
12'x16' timber frame: our most popular
Timber frame cabin
10'x12' cabin with 8'x12' scribed entry
Timber frame cabin
Isometric of 22'x16' version
Timber frame cabin
14'x16' cruck frame
Timber frame studio
16'x20' artist's studio
Timber frame studio
16'x20' studio interior
16x20 barn
16'x20' barn
10-cord woodshed
Cherry cruck
Cruck entry or greenhouse
Earth oven frame
Scribed frame over earth oven
20'x28' Sugarhouse
20'x28' Sugarhouse
Natural, native timber
Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio
Earth Oven frame
Earth Oven frame
Cob oven shelters
Hobbit House
Hobbit House
Butterfly house kiosk
Butterfly house kiosk

In our Timber Framing, Cruck Framing and Scribing hands-on courses we actually build timber frames with all of the joinery one would find in a typical house. The projects are smaller, though, to guarantee that we will be able to go through the process from start-to-finish and give everyone a chance to try different joinery. Our timber framing class projects are usually sold ahead of time, but occasionally we have one or two timber frames that are still available at the last minute. We also like to plan in advance, so if you've ever wanted a timber frame now is your chance to reserve one for the future.

These projects fit right in with the growing "small house movement", and one would make an ideal guest cabin, writer's retreat, artist's studio, garden shed, crafter's shop, ten cord woodshed or teenager's hangout. The frames are usually small (8' x 10' to 16' x 20') and the quality is exceptional. We find that students actually do a better job and are more careful working with hand tools than a production shop person making chips with power tools. It just takes a bit longer. Our frames are usually of green Eastern White Pine, which is a wonderful wood to work and shrinks the least of all the common timber framing species. Timbers are rough sawn (not planed) and frame design must fit within the parameters of our usual course projects. No finish materials (roofing, siding, doors, windows, etc.) are included, but we can adjust the design to accommodate whatever enclosure systems you will use.

Costs include materials (timbers and pegs) for the frame only and average around $30-40 per square foot. Trucking (if a rental truck or trailer is required), custom design, planing and change of species may result in a higher price. We usually erect the frame at Heartwood on the last day of the course and then dismantle it after the photos are all taken and everyone has had a chance to enjoy it. It will then be loaded onto the client's truck or trailer who is then responsible for getting it to their site and putting it up later. A rental box truck, 16'—18' long, is usually more than adequate and clients and students have driven Heartwood timber frames across the country to their home.

As an added bonus, we provide one waived tuition fee for the client (or a person of their choosing) to attend the course cutting the project. Please contact us if you are interested in getting one of our timber frames at a very affordable price. Some typical projects are shown on this page.

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